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Why Do Some Investors Consistently Beat The Market But Most Don't?

Because Successful Investors DO The Work Unsuccessful Investors Don’t Want To Do.

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Want To Become A True Market Leader?

The Best Athletes Have A Coach.
The Best Actors Have A Coach.
The Best Traders Have A Coach.
You Should Too.

Do You Want To Develop Into The Best Version Of Yourself?

The Best Athletes Have A Coach.
The Best Actors Have A Coach.
The Best Traders Have A Coach.
You Should Too.
Even Paul Tudor Jones (One Of The Best Trader's In History) Has Tony Robbins As His Coach For >25 Years!


About Adam

Hi, I’m Adam Sarhan,

I’ve been fascinated with why some people can consistently beat the market since I bought my first stock in the 1990’s!

After decades of studying, making nearly every mistake under the sun, I’ve learned that there’s nothing wrong with the market, it comes down to user error.

Once I made that discovery, I had one job= upgrade the user! I started with nothing and I’m passionate about learning principles other people use to enter the SmartMoneyCircle. that helped me change my life, these principles have allowed me to become a self-made multi-millionaire, and enter what I call: The Smart Money Circle. Now, I’m here to share what I learned & help other people become True Market Leaders…




Get ahead! 12-Month coaching program with Adam.


Weekly Trading Exercises
(A.K.A. "Homework")

Learn how to become proactive with the market.

Create A Proactive State,
(A.K.A. Not A Passive State)

Most investors are in a passive reactive state and are always "missing" big moves. We are here to change that.

Elite Trading Peer Group

Some members will be invited to join our elite invitation-only, private community.

Trading Routine

Most people don't have structure. We are here to give you structure you can use week in and week out for the rest of time!

Big Bonus

You have direct access to Adam and is here to help you with whatever topic(s) you want to tackle.

*People benefit from structure. Most traders “wing it” and don’t have structure. This program will give you structure.

Most Traders Can't Beat The Market

Elite Traders Have A Coach & Push Themselves To Improve Their Performance.
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90 Day
Full Money-Back

I am 100% certain that you will learn something (or a few things) that I am offering 100% no questions asked full money-back guarantee.

If you don’t truly benefit from the coaching program and are not 100% happy with the program, just let me know within 90 days of joining and I will happily give you your money back – no questions asked.

Click below to start your journey and put my program to the test.

Join me for my weekly Live Q&As, read my #1 best selling book, Psychological Analysis, and watch the bonus material that will be created for you.

Go ahead and get started – I’m 100% certain you’ll be happy and if you are not, you get your money back, no questions asked.

Adam Sarhan
Host SmartMoneyCircle.com Show &
Founder Of FindLeadingStocks.com & TrueMarketLeaders.com

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